" tiada paksaan dalam (menganut agama Islam), sesungguhnya telah jelas (perbezaan) antara jalan yang benar dan jalan yang sesat"
-(Al Baqarah: 256)

Khamis, 22 Mac 2012

Islamic Seminar Serves To Strengthen Family Unit

Bandar Seri Begawan - The two-day Islamic Family Development Programme Seminar themed 'Semakin Hari Semakin Sayang', organised jointly by the Family-Affairs Advisory Services Unit of the Syariah Affairs Department and the Muslimah Affairs Unit of the Mosque Affairs Department, concluded yesterday with the presentation of a resolution as well as certificates to the 100 participating couples.
The working papers presented at the seminar covered aspects of harmony and the comfort of a family unit, as well as guidelines, strategies and factors contributing to a harmonious household based on the teachings of al-Quran and al-Sunnah.
The resolution, read out by the event's Chairman, the Acting Assistant Director of Syariah Affairs, Hj Suhaimi bin Hj Gemok, states that a harmonious family unit also requires proper and effective planning and management.
"Children should be cherished, provided with education and knowledge, treated fairly and provided with necessities in accordance with their needs and the family's financial capability," he said.
Parents carry an important responsibility in shaping the character and development of their children to ensure the prevention of negative risks such as social ills and crimes.
Another point in the resolution states that a family unit should incorporate honesty and responsibility, in accordance with the teachings of Islam.
"Proper management of family time, coupled with a stable economic status and proper control of the use of information technology would enable a couple to overcome marital challenges in this era of globalisation," said Hj Suhaimi.
Issues on domestic violence were also discussed. The resolution states that domestic violence is one of the factors contributing to a failed marriage or family unit. Disagreements, lack of religious knowledge and compassion, as well as hardship, are among the factors contributing to the risk of abuse, while emotional restraints, irrational hopes and love are among the causes of denial among victims of domestic violence.
It was also suggested that public awareness should be raised in order to tackle these issues. Several amendments in the Islamic Family Regulations Order 2010 and Married Women Act 2010 have been made to include protection of victims against domestic violence.
Islam also recommends a nutritious and balanced food intake to ensure healthy offspring. The excellence and piety of a family unit are believed to be shaped through legitimate sources of income: and proper care of nutrition in food. These in turn will lead to a blissful way of family life, both spiritually and physically.
Meanwhile, among the suggestions made at the end of the seminar yesterday were: motivational talks on family affairs organised on a continuous basis at government agencies and private sector organisations; courses for couples who have been married 10 years or more; workshops for distressed couples to strengthen their marriages; and forming collaborations with relevant agencies to conduct family talks at schools and higher institutions.

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