" tiada paksaan dalam (menganut agama Islam), sesungguhnya telah jelas (perbezaan) antara jalan yang benar dan jalan yang sesat"
-(Al Baqarah: 256)

Ahad, 7 Oktober 2012

Malaysian man embraces Islam

IT IS through years of socialising with Muslim friends and being accustomed to their Islamic culture that finally drove Muhd Vimal Mubarak Latchmanan Abdullah, 27, to embrace Islam in a small ceremony at Kampung Sengkurong 'B' yesterday.

Formerly known as Vimal Latchmanan, the Malaysian said he found Islam a "very beautiful" religion and that he already "has some knowledge about Islam" from acquaintances and Muslim members of his family.

He also said that following his conversion and after four years of moving back and forth between Malaysia and Brunei, he decided to reside in Brunei permanently.

"I'm hoping that I will be able to find my rezeki (fortune) here by venturing into business," he said.

He added that he will be living with Che Azman's family in Kampung Sengkurong 'B' to help deepen his understanding of Islam by living with the family and by attending the Da'wah Islamiah Centre's guidance classes.

Muhd Vimal's conversion ceremony was conducted by two male officers from the Islamiah Da'wah Centre.

During the ceremony, he took the Islamic oath and recited the syahadah (testimony of faith).

After his recitation, three cries of Allahu Akhbar (Allah the Almighty) were proclaimed by the attendants before the Dikir Marhaban and the traditional sprinking of bunga rampai were performed.

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