" tiada paksaan dalam (menganut agama Islam), sesungguhnya telah jelas (perbezaan) antara jalan yang benar dan jalan yang sesat"
-(Al Baqarah: 256)

Isnin, 30 Julai 2012

Rombongan Bahagian Pengislaman ke Kg Sukang

THE development of da'wah in Brunei is expanding. This is evident with the increasing number of new converts every year, said Acting Director of Islamic Da'wah Centre.The number of new converts had risen from 400 to 600 a year, Hj Marzuki Hj Abdul Rahman.Hj Marzuki said in a recent interview with The Brunei Times at the sideline of the sungkai (breaking of fast), tadarus (mass recital of al-Quran) and Sunat Tarawih prayers held at Kg Sukang religious hall inUlu Belait.

The development can be attributed to the many initiatives made by His Majesty and the relevant authorities as well as support in setting up facilities for ibadah (religious worship) such as mosques and religious hall, he said.

"Our activities today is one of our forms of da'wah (spreading the teachings of Islam). Even though our activities today are meant for Muslims, indirectly it is a da'wah to non-Muslim. This show that we care for our Muslim brothers (new converts) in the rural areas. We do not want to be know as those who let them (new converts) once they embraced Islam," he added.

He went on to say that the media also played a role in helping the centre to disseminate Islamic religious knowledge."Da'wah in towns or cities is disseminated through the media such as TV, radio and newspaper. To carry out da'wah in the rural areas, our religious officials (from the Ministry of Religious Affairs) came to the villages," said Hj Marzuki.

The Islamic Da'wah Centre personnel often make visits to non-Muslims, a visit that they referred to 'ziarah da'wah' (a visit of da'wah)

"We highlight the goodness and beauty of Islam. This is what Allah (SWT) and Rasulullah (SAW) wanted. This is also to uphold His Majesty's titah that called for Islam to be disseminated to all, including to non-Muslims so that all understand what Islam is all about," he added.

"When we are honest and sincere in spreading the teachings of Islam in Brunei, InsyaAllah , we will see that our efforts are fruitful and our Muslim brothers will be able to perform their ibadah properly. In light of this, we will continue to defend and improve on our efforts."

The visit to the rural areas was one of the centre's activities during the fasting month. During the visits, they will break the fast and perform Sunat Tarawih and Witir prayers with converts throughout the fasting month of Ramadhan.

The purpose of the visit was one of the approaches taken by the centre to support religious activities.

Kg Sukang prayer hall was one of the religious halls that received the contribution from Islamic Da'wahCentre in purchasing necessities for Tadarus as well as providing food and drinks needed for new converts' sungkai.

Kg Sukang, situated 137 km from the capital, and its surrounding areas have 125 new converts and any religious activities will be organised at the Kg Sukang religious hall, which was build in 1994 under the Religious Affairs Ministry's Department of Mosque Affairs. The prayer hall can accommodate 40 people. 

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